Make-up Artistry

MY MAKE-UP WORK includes Fashion, Artistic, Bridal, natural… and basic special effects make-up for films.

I offer makeup services using traditional tools as well as the Airbrush Makeup, highly recommended for HD films, photographs and weddings.

IMDb Credits

I have been using the Airbrush Makeup since 2011. I think this is the best, quickest and most hygienic way to apply foundation, bronzer, highlighter…

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Diana Lapin, Minna
Ph: Diana Lapin, M: Minna
Ph: Flavio Torre, M: Florynda
Ph: Flavio Torre, M: Florynda
Ph: Diana Lapin, M: Sofia
Ph: Petru Gorea, M: Ludovica Tiso
Ph: In Her Image, Jenniffer
Ph: Andy Teo
Ph: Piotr Stryjewski

Ph: Miss Aniela (Natalie Dybisz) Models: Sam Podmore and Yvette Asiedu
Ph: In Her Image, Maruta
Ph: Ian Gavan, M: Bella Grace


Stacey Richards
Stacey Richards
Ph: Dave Ormerod, M: Natalia
Ph: Dave Ormerod, M: Claudia
Juliette Greig, Emma
Ph: Juliet Greig
Ph: Miss Aniela, M: Natalia
Ph: Miss Aniela, M: Kendra
Ph: Flavio Torre, M: Anasstice
Ph: Aga Szeliga, M: Maria
Ph: Andrzej Sip, M: Maria
Ph: Juliet Greig, M: Georgie
Ph: Sharon Cooper, M: Jess
Ph: Shaun Hodge
Ph: KKGas
Ph: Aga Szeliga
Ph: Aga Szeliga
Ph: Miss Aniela, M: Zane


Also, I organise one to one (or in a small group) Makeup Workshops, and I am always happy to see that most of my clients, after external metamorphosis followed by a Makeover Lesson, feel strong and crucial internal change, that makes them happy with their appearance. Learning some makeup tricks can have the massively beneficial impact on your life.

I am also offering makeup services for special occasions, such as engagement parties and weddings.

I know that relationship between Makeup Artist and Client is as important as the makeup itself – it’s all about how the makeup makes you feel yourself, as well as its visual effect on friends, audiences or cameras.

In the last 13 years, I have gained experience in working with artists from the media and fashion industries, working in many areas of makeup from a fresh/natural look, camouflage, beauty, glamour and basic casualty/special effects makeup.

Relevant education:

School of Art and Fashion Design – SAPU Krakow 2016/2017
School of Art and Fashion Design – SAPU Krakow 2014
‘Airbase’ Airbrush Makeup – MINK London 2011

IMATS London 2011-2012 – workshops in Makeup for HD, Anti-aging, Camouflage

London College of Fashion 2007 – Hairstyling for Makeup Artist

London Delamar Academy of MakeUp 2006/2007 Beauty Makeup

MAC Cosmetics Chicago, USA 2005 – Makeup Workshops

Peter Pan Designs, Krakow Poland – Interior Designer

Film & TV credits