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Two Sisters – Nina (Ania) and Dagmara. Both are born in Krakow (Poland).
Dagmara never left, I have been moving around the world since 2000. I am now based in Italy.

In our free time (we started creating pieces together during the long weeks of Lockdown since March 2020!)

We share our ideas and make some pieces of clothes, bags, accessories and home decorations.

No Waste and Re Use is our motto. We are trying to make all the items and products according to the eco-friendly philosophy, as much as possible!

Original and Unique, One of a kind, Hand-made.

Bags, clothes, accessories, home designs, natural candles ….

Candles: we only use the natural products: soy wax, beeswax, cotton/hemp and wooden wicks, a mica powder for coloring and the essential oils to fragrance.

Soy wax and Beeswax

Blog and photos

Decorations made of the recycled cotton macrame rope, wool and paper.


Clothes and bags: Every piece is made of the used fabrics, left overs, recycled pieces. When we shop, we buy materials from the Outlets and the second hand shops.

Inside Out of the Double sided Jacket
Inside Out of the Double sided Bag – the white fabric comes from the used curtain
Crochet cotton bag
Double sided recycled fabrics beach bag