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Welcome to my universe!  

Nina Syc – also known as Ania Gastol (since I left Poland I had to get rid of the polish letters known only in the polish alphabet…according to my birth certificate my full name is Anna Maria Gąstoł, always called Ania anyway). Why does not confuse the world, right ? LOL

However, Nina Syc – this is the name I have chosen, for who I am now.  🙂

I was born in 1977, Krakow, Poland.

Growing up in the communist era, left a significant imprint in my memories.

The greyness of the city had an impact on my world perception. Surrounded by grey pre-war architecture and people, monotonously dressed up, miserably queuing in front of almost empty stores, holding their ration stamps to get some sugar and toilet paper… I’ve always struggled to escape this sadness and open the door to colours.

During my high school years, this door appeared to be the Fine Art classes and an easel in the corner of my small room.

The most important changes in my personality happened in 1989 when Poland became a democratic country and slowly everything started being more colourful.

In 2000 I moved to the US, spent some time in Florida, New York, and established myself in Chicago. In December of 2005 I came back to Europe, and for over 6 years I was experiencing the glamour and shimmering London,  that strongly marked my passion towards film and fashion industry.

After all these years of living abroad, the final changes in my worldview appeared –  not only the colours of all the cities I’ve been to, dispelled the greyness and sepia of the past, but also I found myself fascinated by Makeup and Fashion Art – the world in which colours unconditionally belong to me, and greyness turns into my own choice – not a life obligation.

Since 2012 I am based in Italy (I live between Rome and Milan). Italy is the country I fell in love with, and I have chosen, to be ‘my home’…for now 😉 !




🙂 please see more in the sections above, my recent blogs and HERE

Thank you!


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