Wedding Makeup – flawless finish that lasts from dusk until dawn!


Past years, I was there, with many of the brides, happy to help them with some important preparations, for the Big Wedding Day! 🙂1_L1000703

For every bride, I have used Airbase Airbrush Makeup application – the only foundation I know that is heat resistant, long lasting and, what’s the most important – surviving the very hot temperature, even during Italian Summer !


The mix of silicone and polymers within  Airbase means that their perfect makeup will stand up to whatever they throw at it. Requires no touch ups, enables a flawless finish and a light, weightless feel without compromise on durability.                         IMG_4624

Airbase enhances the natural beauty, guarantees to give that natural glow.

Airbase MakeUp brides can’t help but feel great on their wedding day!


Now, I am looking forward to this year weddings, having topped up my Airbase Makeup kit, I am ready to roll!

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